occupationother provides a variety of mystical tools and services. You will be taught to use these tools during sessions and encouraged to use them in your personal practices. Below is a list of many tools used in and out of sessions. They vary in intensity and most are highly customizable to suit your needs:

Random Item Divinations
From random items immediately available, receive an reading to answer the question: “What do you need to get what you want?” This short and fun exercise reveals the magic in the mundane and provides a framework and a direction for sessions.

Journey to The Garden Tiki
This powerful practice begins as a guided meditation to build a Garden within your imagination. Once established, journey inward for answers, healing, and adventure.

Summon a Power Animal and/or Spirit Guide
Receive answers and protection by channeling the specific energies of Animals and Guides. This rituals is customizable, reusable, and highly effective.

Vision Quest into the Underworld
Often done on your behalf, a facilitator will narrate the Quest from your Garden and into the Underworld to retrieve a lost item such as Love or Confidence. The facilitator procures the lost item by harmonizing with the symbols of uncertainty encountered on the Journey. This powerful ritual usually takes 30-60 minutes and requires prior sessions with occupationother.

Learn to Recognize, Understand and Interpret your own Signs and Dreams
Use existing symbology or invent your own knowledge of symbols and systems for interpreting symbol sets. This simple practice can be modified infinitely and allows for a matrix of possible interpretations in any situation a sign appears or is needed.

Customize any Rite or Ritual and/or Modify Existing Practices
Create your own Rites and Rituals to enhance the Personal Practices and focus energy. Alter existing practices to suit or even shift your systems, symbols, paradigms and lifestyle. Learn the basic elements of a powerful ritual and cultivate this practice over time.