occupationother specializes in three topics: occupations, substances, and transitions.

Each of these points of focus offer a variety of questions and uncertainties. While some light-workers tend to areas like relationships, the future, fortune and opportunities, death, summoning spirits, and channeling message from beyond, occupationother keeps to the practical and weaves magic into the mundane.


Maybe you hate your job and want out. Or maybe you love your job and you want more out of it. You may be aiming for a promotion or a sales goal.  Maybe you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Or you’re dealing with a psychopathic co-worker or boss and need specific guidance on how to navigate the situation from within yourself.

Why dread each work day, just wishing for the weekend? Your dream job is within reach and your journey has been carrying you toward that goal all along.

Increase your own superpowers and focus your energy by defining your Ultimate Life Goals and use customized exercises, mantras, divinations, spells, incantations, potions, recognizing and interpreting signs, seeing energy, guided meditations, stone casting, card readings, and personal development.


“The world is what you think it is.”

So, what’re you thinking? You got that positive thought vibe? Or do you often get caught in the downward spiral of negative thinking? Ever consider how your food and drug diets might be affecting your thoughts and may be a source of many of the negative emotions you experience throughout the day?

Substance is what you’re made of. Substance is what you do every day, how you respond to adversity, your character. Substance of self is the contents of your insides; food, drugs, and the habits of your thoughts. Consider the foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Air, Water, Food, and Shelter. Stress is rooted in the fear of not having these fundamental needs met. If you’re worried about where your next meal is coming from or how rent will be paid each month, you’re going to operate out of fear and not make all the best decisions for your higher self.

The Substance Stage of our sessions focuses on your own Food and Drug Administration. Manage your thoughts and emotions by managing what you put in your body. Create realistic goals and a feasible plan to facilitate change and change the way your body responds to external stimuli. Develop your own Ultimate Success Rx and use personal practices that nurture self-love and buffer stress. Become steadfast in the face of adversity, handle transitions like a champ, and change your thought patterns by satiating your physical and spiritual appetites.



Put your magic to work. Using the tips, tricks, and techniques you’ve developed in your sessions to move through transitions and guide yourself in times of uncertainty. Cultivate your personal practices and rituals to foresee inevitable transitions in life and be equipped with tools to ease any transition.