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Here in our beautiful city of Los Angeles, there are countless healers, metaphysical workshops, and self-help seminars from which to choose; each with their special gift or method claiming to provide answers to some of life’s deepest questions, guidance through the darkest of hours, direction in times of transition. It’s easy to be swept away in these vulnerable states when one seeks the assistance of a shaman, healer, guru, or guide. While these personal quests are often life changing, I hold fast to the idea that those who seek answers will find them because all the answers we seek are already within each of us.

For this reason, I have decided to limit the amount of sessions to three per client.*

This alternative format ensures that the client take responsibility for their own development. It focuses the energy in each session thus increasing its effect, and frees the facilitator from repetitive and excessive energy output that might strain their ability to focus on their own journey.

In the event of a serious medical condition, it is required that the client be under the care of a medical doctor and/or specialist when seeking metaphysical guidance and/or healing. Additionally, some past or current experience with professional, Western-style therapy is required.**

 is founded on the idea that one conducts one’s own reality from within one’s imagination. This power can be used, as needed, for answers to life’s big questions, guidance through uncertainty, and the realization of dreams through daily practices, rituals, and systems for interpreting signs, dreams, and symbols

Using seven principles of the Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer, occupationother seeks to offer specific guidance to the myriad quest-ions we encounter while playing out the human drama of life.

OCCUPATION: Specifically jobs and careers, but also how one spends their day. Their thoughts. Their attention. From achieving sales goals to realizing dreams, create an Ultimate Reality through a customized Personal Practice.

SUBSTANCE: Know what you’re made of and define your foundations. Address needs for substance regulation, seek answers through guided experiences, and uncover useful information for forming a framework for your Ultimate Reality.

TRANSITION: In the throes of uncertainty we seek advice, guidance, and place significant weight on signs. Learn to interpret signs, dreams, and coincidences in times of transition to move forward with confidence.

Some tools and services occupationother provides:

Random Item Divinations:
From random items immediately available, receive an reading to answer the question: “What do you need to get what you want?” This short and fun exercise reveals the magic in the mundane and provides a framework and a direction for sessions.

Journey to The Garden Tiki
This powerful practice begins as a guided meditation to build a Garden within your imagination. Once established, journey inward for answers, healing, and adventure.

Summon a Power Animal and/or Guide
Receive answers and protection by channeling the specific energies of Animals and Guides. This rituals is customizable, reusable, and highly effective.

Vision Quest into the Underworld
Often done on your behalf, a facilitator will narrate the Quest from your Garden and into the Underworld to retrieve a lost item such as Love or Confidence. The facilitator procures the lost item by harmonizing with the symbols of uncertainty encountered on the Journey. This powerful ritual usually takes 30-60 minutes and requires prior sessions with occupationother.

Learn to Recognize, Understand and Interpret your own Signs and Dreams
Use existing symbology or invent your own knowledge of symbols and systems for interpreting symbol sets. This simple practice can be modified infinitely and allows for a matrix of possible interpretations in any situation a sign appears or is needed.

Customize any Rite or Ritual and/or Modify Existing Practices
Create your own Rites and Rituals to enhance the Personal Practices and focus energy. Alter existing practices to suit or even shift your systems, symbols, paradigms and lifestyle. Learn the basic elements of a powerful ritual and cultivate this practice over time.


When you have a minute, check out this simple vid about

“Truth lies in paradox.”
– Sheri Wilson

*Three sessions being the guiding principle, some additional sessions may be supplemented as needed.

** Including but not limited to: talk therapy, professional counseling, and psychiatric care. The idea here is that the client has sought professional/medical treatment prior to or in addition to metaphysical guidance.

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