Everything in its own Time


Maybe it’s the transitional season that is Fall – maybe it’s the recent death in the family…

Maybe it’s that Mercury is in retrograde again or residue from the last full moon or

the fact that it’s my half-birthday….

It’s probably all of the above, none of the above, some combinations of the above and

additional things that I’m either not listing above or considering.

In the midst of so much change – one thing remains and continues to fill my heart with hope

and love and ambition:

I love Los Angeles. The more I explore this amazing city and its inhabitants, the more in love I fall.

Every botox job gone awry, every implant, every expensive vehicle and every snotty transplant that

thinks their East Coast town is soooooo much more genuine than LA –

(the number two market in America and home of our country’s number one export: ENTERTAINMENT) – every pothole, asshole, and hole in the wall inspires me to be present, move forward, and maintain my strong sense of self.

I am grateful for new challenges, new chapters, new days, and new ways of seeing and being.

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