Beginner’s Breath


as we encounter the onslaught of information each day, our brains process each bit of data according to importance. if you’re at work and ‘in the zone,’ you’re not going notice the gatherings at the water cooler or another pot of coffee being made…but when you need social integration or a break, these things will come to the forefront of your attention and distract you from the task at hand. likewise, when mediums such as television, magazines in the grocery check-out line, billboards on your commute all tell you what to be and how to be that thing and what product you need to get you there, don’t think that you are immune to its message. depending on your mental state, you may be more or less susceptible to the message of the mass mediums of our day.

set your focus on positivity and allow the positive of each bit of data flow through you. acknowledge your emotions and your reactions throughout the day. if you’re angry, you might really just be hungry or thirsty or tired. examine your actions throughout the day….are you eating enough vegetables and drinking enough water? are you getting enough rest and sleep? did you know that rest and sleep are not the same thing? do your actions reflect your lack of breathing into each moment or are you calm, cool, and collected despite adversity? what kinds of situations make you hold your breath or induce shallow breathing? remember that it begins and ends with the breath, so using it to move through difficult moments is as helpful as it is in keeping you alive throughout the day….it’s just that you have to think about one of them.

combine your thought with your breath. the best way to begin is to set an intention and then inhale and exhale 10 times, thinking only about each breath as it is happening. don’t worry if it’s perfect, we’ll get into the intricacies of breath work soon…just take a moment to think about your breath today, give gratitude for this involuntary reflex that keeps Life in us! BREATHE!

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