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Plan Your Month (Life) with the Moon

Here’s an easy-to-read-and-understand guide to the moon’s phases.

It might help explain what’s happening and why;

and give you a better idea of how to make the most of the

inevitable changes brought about by Moon.

Imagine being in a tribe of about 25 or so people on the night of a New Moon.

Huddled around the fire all is well, but beyond y’all is Infinite Darkness of Nothingness.

The landscape is invisible and full of every possibility that only The Void can bring.

Enveloped in the Black Womb of Creation and Destruction you know Fear and Hope

it is the Beginning and End of All Things.

….Before God said, “Let there be Light,” there was first

the Deep Dark Nothingness from which Light and Life spring forth.

Now imagine a couple weeks later when the Full Moon

lights up your whole world and everything that was once hidden

around you is illuminated and nothing is unseen or unknown.

It is as if the Sun is out at night and you can run, jump and play

through the night without doubt or fear…there’s an obvious correlation here.

Moon controls the very tide, it is by the Moon that we plant and harvest.

By the Sun we are given Light and our ever-changing Night Light….

Yet Moon reminds us of the Feminine in Her Constant Change, guiding

the Ebb and Flow of Humanity…Moon reminds us of the Breath in Her Full Moon Inhale

and Her New Moon Exhale and each and every phase of the waxing and waning

process….Moon reminds us of Life in Her Brightest Moments and Darkest Hours.


It’s always been a dream of mine to go into space and to the moon.

Would you go to the Moon?

Do you have any Moon rituals?

Do you notice any personal patterns that go along with Moon’s phases?

Do you only think about the Moon once in a Blue Moon?

Practice, Practice, Practice…

it’s tough to follow up on a post that outlines all the answers in life.

But like, if you can find any answer that doesn’t boil down to the breath of life and death, please enlighten me with your question. i’m extremely interested.

but beyond that. or within that…within the B-R-E-A-T-H we’ve got it all: be, eat, art, earth, heart, beat. 

these are the PRACTICES of moving through our days and nights.

what makes us tick? 

what grounding practices bring us closer to earth? …closer to self?

what satiates hunger?

what makes your heart beat faster? 

what calms your racing heart? 

what harmonizes the inevitable ebb and flow?

I suggest starting with the cliché as one’s jump-off. Tried and true cultural proverbs accelerate the learning curve when applied to the lesson. In this case:

“Practice makes perfect.”

Practicing the art of the breath. The art of food. The art of dance. The art of matters of the heart. The art of being a part of a community here on earth. The art of art – of creation and destruction…of inspiration and expiration. And still we are not beyond the breath…but knee deep in a practice of life and living.

My art is interacting with people. It’s magic. It’s more than magic. It’s inspiration plus practice.

Whether it be from behind the bar of your favorite substance, or in every day conversation, or in the throes of a ritual. These are the practices that take up my days and nights. They pay my bills. Feed my face. Make my heart skip a beat. Inspire me to keep doing what I do until I finally expire.


What are your practices? (Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Annual?) 

If “power increases with sensory attention,” what do you do to increase the power in your practices? What practices do you do to which you give too much or not enough power?