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Recognizing, Understanding, and Interpreting Signs

KALA – Freedom : There are no limits
– Everything is Connected
– Separation is a Useful Illusion.

Let’s face it.
We’re all searching for a sign…not just any ol’ sign…
We want a Spontaneous Celestial Confirmation for anything and everything
from, “What do I wear today,” to “Will I make it through today?”

And we search for and find signs all day everyday to assure us and guide us along the path.

Let’s explore the nature of signs and discuss how to interpret these
mystical occurrences and maximize their effects in your life.


In direct relation to our uncertainty and our perceived value of the
outcome of our unknown, we arbitrarily connect events and call them signs or omens.

That means we see signs when we don’t know where to go or what to do and we apply increased
meaning to their occurrences depending on how much value we place on the outcome.

We carry trinkets and talismans.
We wear lucky underwear and jerseys.
When we’re hungry and thirsty we look for Golden Arches and Green Sirens.
We look for the exit signs to reach our destinations.

Signs let us know we’re on the right track.

Our ancestors knew signs intimately; as we sought signs of food and water;
we looked for animal tracks, broken branches, a shift in the way the wind blows.
A fresh hot steaming pile of poo suddenly changes the spirit of the hunt….
It’s a sign! Food is near.


We’ll look at the first few definitions for the noun for now:

“Sign |sīn|
1 an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else:
• something regarded as an indication or evidence of what is happening or going to happen
• [ with negative ] used to indicate that someone or something is not present where they should be or are expected to be
• Medicine: an indication of a disease detectable by a medical practitioner even if not apparent to the patient
• a miracle regarded as evidence of supernatural power (chiefly in biblical and literary use)
• any trace of a wild animal, esp. its tracks or droppings: wolverine sign

ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French signe (noun), signer (verb), from Latin signum ‘mark, token.’ ”

Note that the first listed definition of sign has to do with
the PROBABLE presence or occurrence of something ELSE.
I cannot stress enough to you the power of STATISTICS when interpreting your signs.
It’s the connection from the known to the unknown that we seek and a sign is a symbolic representation of that connection. Don’t let desperation guide your vision. Open your heart and eyes to infinite possibilities, use everything as a sign always, and don’t be surprised to find that you’re already on the right path…


Animals: Dogs, cats, insects, birds, beetles, squirrels, and even roadkill can be used as signs. Take a week or so to study the animal encounters in your life. Pay attention to their unique powers and how that power is reflected in your life.

Objects: Trinkets, charms, talismans, coins…any THING that MEANS anything to you in the moment that it matters.

Songs and lyrics from songs : From your playlist – less significant – or from a passing vehicle or radio -more significant, music and lyrics can appear in such a timely way it’s difficult to ignore. Looking for an answer? Tune into the nearest radio for a personal transmission.

Colors: Discover or develop and use a system of colors and their meanings that suits your paradigm. Check out a chakra chart or use THIS BASIC CHART or create your own!!! I use colors that correlate with the principles of my shamanism:

White – Awareness
Red – Freedom
Orange – Focus
Yellow – Persistence
Green – Love
Blue – Confidence
Violet – Flexibility

Symbols: seeing a sticker on a passing car, or a heart in your pancake syrup, or the face of Christ in your toast are all SYMBOLS. They mean nothing until you see it and apply your own meaning.

Stones, Shells, Bones, Feathers, or any evidence of another thing: These are symbols of a thing that was there and is no longer. Look up the meaning of the thing that is represented and follow the connections. Feathers mean you’re on the right path, shells indicate protection, bones are structure, etc….

Weather and Elemental Events: Meditate upon the elements and what they ARE and DO. Earth. Water. Wind. Fire. Each with its unique creative and destructive nature, observe the elements around you, tune into the frequency and hear the messages! Earth is unmoving, water flows, wind carries change, fire burns and brings life. Lightning illuminates. Rain cleanses. Thunder rumbles. Earthquakes shift.

Anything odd or out of place: Remember that statistics play a huge role in interpreting signs. Follow the weird connections. Trace them back and uncover what piqued your attention to that thing in the first place? Has your sign been there all along but only now you notice?

Any occurrence to which you apply meaning: It’s your interpretation. Your uncertainty, your life path, your decisions, your dreams, your manifestations, your work, your journey. You decide how to receive and utilize these bits and pieces of information.


Sometimes we ask for a sign…
and wonder if each and every oddity is the omen we seek to move forward.
Sometimes we have a symbol in which we place our hope
and it appears in the moment we need it most.
The sign is as meaningful and powerful as you choose.

Power increases with sensory attention.

Can you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell your sign?
Take note. What senses can you use to interpret your sign?
Identify those symbols and their meanings.

What senses are missing?
Focus on the missing senses…Imagine what you can’t assess.
Can’t see the wind but you know it brings change?
Close your eyes and imagine what beautiful dreams are being delivered to you in the breeze.

Can’t touch the Eagle but you know it connects air and land and sea and stands for creation, swiftness,
dignity, and wisdom? Imagine yourself flying with Eagle as he guides you to new heights, ask Eagle
your question and imagine him providing the answer you seek.

Using the moment your sign appears to imagine a solution using the symbols available is the secret to uncovering hidden answers.
Since all the answers are already inside of you, creating a flexible symbol system helps you decipher your deeper wisdom.


1. Identify the uncertainty that brought you to recognize and apply meaning to your sign.

You wouldn’t see meaning if you didn’t seek it.

2. Approach your sign with the 6 questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, & HOW?

WHO are you in the moment your sign appears?
Gauge your needs, assess your countenance.
Are you really just hungry and looking for a sign for food?
Don’t even begin interpreting life’s cosmic coincidences until
you are breathing slowly, fed, watered, and secure.

WHAT is your sign?
What is it? Stumble on a lone Queen of Diamonds card stuck in a bush?
Look up the meaning of the card and the meaning of bush. Apply those meanings.
Animal? Look up your animal totem meaning.
Object? What does the object represent in general? To you? To your situation?
Number? What does your special number mean in general? What does it mean to you?

Star Stuffs has a great animal totem dictionary.
This lady has an extensive page of diverse symbology resources.

Keep a journal of signs for a week, lemme know what happens!

WHERE were you and WHERE was your sign when you saw it?
Up high?
On the ground?
In a puddle?
On the concrete?
In the dirt?
Did you almost trip over it?
Did it fall into your lap?
Use the elements available to apply meaning.
All of these details increase the power of your sign.

WHEN did your sign appear to you?
Day? Night? In a dream? At work?
Were you asking for a sign?
Or did your sign evoke a hidden uncertainty?
A sign also tells you what’s ahead.

WHY do you seek a sign?
Why this sign? Why right now? Why is this here?
Why am I here? Why am I seeking an answer that
I already have within me?

HOW does your sign appear?
What color is it?
What shapes make up your sign?
What’s around it?
Who put it there?
How does it relate to your fear/doubt?
How do you feel upon encountering your sign?

3. Build a vocabulary for interpretation:

-Cross reference your set of symbols by looking up even minor encounters. Check for patterns.
-Read about geometric shapes and colors and their prescribed meanings. Start to see these symbols in everyday life and practice interpretation as a form of meditation of being present.
-Keep it simple: Birds fly, fish swim, cows herd…Do you need to fly and gain a different perspective? Need more water in your life? Need more or less community? Use the simple symbols and meanings first and allow the answers to surface from deep within you. The symbols help to communicate the inner knowledge of all things connected without the illusion of time and space and allows the human person to conjure information from the source of infinite light/life/breath/brilliance/stardust that is all things and nothing.

Once you begin to understand what your symbols mean, you can ask the Great Unknown for a sign
and within moments you will notice something that eases the uncertainty rather than grasping thin air for meaning…and then you’ll rest in the peace that everything is a sign that point to the fact that you exist and you are you and that’s what’s so special about all and none of us. Because Separation is a Useful Illusion….as in….Separation lets a stapler be a stapler and a kitty cat be a kitty cat. They’re both black and sit on your desk while you work, but without the illusion of separation you might as well be the pixel that ends this sentence. Symbols tell the tale, signs move the story along.


-Signs are everywhere all the time.
-What makes you notice them is your uncertainty and the relative value of the outcome.
-Fulfilling the fundamentals (air, water, food, shelter) makes you less desperate for a sign
and more keen to statistically unlikely connections, more open to different answers.
-Interpreting signs is a fun, easy, and useful practice for
easing uncertainty and choosing a course of action.

Signs are not answers. They are items, events, and occurrences to which
we apply meaning in accordance with our beliefs about what is probable and what is possible.
Signs may guide us, give us confidence, provide a glimmer of hope in a dark time,
but the most important task is the positive interpretation of sign occurrences and application of their unique and loving meanings that you derive. Maximize encounters by increasing knowledge of symbols, being present with timing and context, and paying attention to those statistically unlikely, seemingly unconnected glitches in the matrix.
The power is in the practice.
Truth lies in paradox.

Remember that you are already perfect and already doing it all perfectly.
If you need a sign to remind you of that, take a breath.
And another. And another. And another.
Breathing is a sign of life.

Psychic Powers

There are at least three things I genuinely BELIEVE without any proof other than personal experience:

1. All the answers are found within.

2. One can heal one’s self of any dis-ease.

3. We are all psychic.

Let’s discuss number three….

The word, “psychic” conjures up in us images of old women dressed up in gypsy garb smoking cigarettes with long, bedazzled fingernails staring into crystal balls. Or the sight of little white houses glowing their neon brilliance sprinkled along Venice Boulevard, each one promising to know something about you that you don’t already know…and tell you all about that preciously unknown future of yours.

That’s not what i’m talking about.

I’m talking about when you know that the phone’s about to ring.

And you know who it is, and why they’re calling.

When you know something’s amiss.

Déjà vus and flash-forwards.

The instinct of your gut.

Dreams that come true.

All of these little seemingly insignificant *tings* going off in your atmosphere are your psychic cords vibrating from the energy to which it is connected. Is it that you can sense when your mom is about to call you, or does your mom call you because you thought of her first? It works both ways.

There’s also the statistics side…if your mom hasn’t called you in a while, the chances of her calling at anytime increase exponentially according to the normal frequency of her phone calls. Those statistics play an enormous role in psychic ability – especially in deciphering and eliminating what is NOT probable.

What I find fascinating is the inexplicable element of psychic ability that makes your mom call you at the exact moment you need her most….When you trust your gut about something that you don’t really want to trust your gut about – and it turns out you’re right…When your flash-forward becomes your déjà vu….When your dreams become your reality…

I believe each and every one of us possess this power to some extent…and like most things, it is improved with practice.

So, how does one go about practicing psychic ability?


PSYCHIC:  /ˈsīkik/

Relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena apparently inexplicable by natural laws, esp. involving telepathy or clairvoyance.” –

Its etymological roots are in the greek word, “psyche” which means Soul/Spirit/Mind and Breath which is essentially Life. Being psychic is as natural as breathing, it’s happening constantly….but when you focus on it, that’s when the magic happens. Omniscience and Acceptance – Becoming One with Everything. And Everything Begins and Ends with the Breath/Soul/Spirit/Mind….this connection is imperative to understanding how Psychic Ability works.


To begin to capture your moments of psychic power, realize that everything cycles, ebbs and flows, swings back and forth, and circles back around. Some days are more psychic than others, some weeks, months, seasons and years are more psychic than others, and some are less. Keep track of your psychic experiences and enjoy the ebb and flow of your abilities. Often, deficiency in one area begets proficiency in another; and vice-versa. Shall I go into the long list of clichés, lore, history and personal accounts that support this statement? How about this one:

Once I began to keep track of my own more profound psychic experiences, I was able to realize that my most effortless, powerful, potent, psychic moments occurred a few days before my period. From the mundane to the profane, I am omniscient just before I bleed.

Keeping track helps build trust in your abilities and gives you the unique chance to maximize those days or weeks that are most potent for you, and to truly enjoy the ebb; the darkness of not knowing….inevitably, something is stirring in that darkness that will soon come to light.


Quiet is imperative for learning to navigate the inner self – the connected self. When you pass through all the little millions of thoughts and feelings, memories, plans, hopes, fears – all these nameable things that are just layers upon layers of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that cover over the unnameable, you are able to reach the source of your feelings, the place that holds your memories, the spark that ignites the plan, the flame that fuels the hope, the lack that perpetuates your fears. Once you pass through those layers of noise, the quiet of your heart is able to be heard.

I’m not saying that the only key to success is to rise early every morning and have a personal quiet time, I am saying that my best days and weeks are the days and weeks I’ve chosen to have a personal quiet time at the beginning of my day….and my psychic ability shoots through the roof as a result.

And there’s a beautiful stillness to the early morning…less frequencies to sift through….

Do I really need to say that we are inundated with noise these days? You know it, I know it; we’re living in a noisy, busy, modern world, man….and ya gotta find some quiet if you’re going to sort through all the excess buzz to get to the core of things unseen, unheard, and unknown.


If you double-take on a person or object, take note. If you feel an inclination to pray for someone, or even if a random person flashes across your third-eye, take note. If you “get a feeling” about something – investigate! Follow up on your gut, your instinct, your sinking and soaring feelings.

You’ve got your entire ancestry tucked into your cells, think about your grandparents and great-grandparents and ask older family members about their psychic abilities. Your people have done centuries of work for you already, tap in and find your heritage!

Perhaps your psychic abilities are more concentrated on your family or friends, or even strangers. Maybe you see auras or detect danger or heal people from a distance without them knowing, maybe your dreams tell of a future near or far; whatever your ability, start to make the bigger connections from the seemingly unconnected world that surrounds it – remember, you get the information from somewhere, it’s how well you’re able to connect the dots that form the clear picture.


Not every single piece of information is available all at once. Sharpening your skills includes being wrong about something…in order to find out what you were right about…and where your feelings or imagination went off the course.

Perhaps you get the feeling your mom is about to call you and then your dad calls. Close! Consider the strength of your psychic cords with your dad, are they weaker than with your mom? You can easily reinforce and strengthen those connections by opening your mind and heart to the rhythm and frequency of your father, by asking him more questions about his day, or even just thinking of him more often throughout yours. Place a photo of the two of you together in a place where you’ll see it every day. Next time your dad calls, you’ll know it before it happens.


For me, Sugar is my Kryptonite. So is lack of sleep, anger, and falling out of habit with my personal practices…plus all the other things in our world that dumb down our psychic abilities.

If Psychic Connection is about tuning into frequencies and strength of signal, consider how many more frequencies we’re dealing with these days than ever before; Seven Billion People on Earth, a good chunk with one or two or five personal mobile devices, radio, satellites, TV, Wi-Fi, iPad, Hi-Def, wii, microwave ovens, podcasts, refrigerators, remote controls….Sifting through all them-thar frequencies requires a bit of extra effort…is it any wonder we’ve such infantile adults and distracted, mindless children roaming our cities, suburbs and towns?

Figure out what blocks you from making the connections – is it the barrage of commercials bouncing around your dome? Is it the worry about paying your bills? Is it Fear of Knowing more than you already know? Only you know your own limitations and only you can eliminate those mental blocks.


What are your psychic abilities?

When are they most powerful?

When are they least powerful?

Everything in its own Time


Maybe it’s the transitional season that is Fall – maybe it’s the recent death in the family…

Maybe it’s that Mercury is in retrograde again or residue from the last full moon or

the fact that it’s my half-birthday….

It’s probably all of the above, none of the above, some combinations of the above and

additional things that I’m either not listing above or considering.

In the midst of so much change – one thing remains and continues to fill my heart with hope

and love and ambition:

I love Los Angeles. The more I explore this amazing city and its inhabitants, the more in love I fall.

Every botox job gone awry, every implant, every expensive vehicle and every snotty transplant that

thinks their East Coast town is soooooo much more genuine than LA –

(the number two market in America and home of our country’s number one export: ENTERTAINMENT) – every pothole, asshole, and hole in the wall inspires me to be present, move forward, and maintain my strong sense of self.

I am grateful for new challenges, new chapters, new days, and new ways of seeing and being.

It All Begins and Ends with the Breath

From the first gasping breath to the expiring exhale and each respiration between, it is the breath that propels every single solitary thing one does and thinks and is….

I breathe, therefore I am.

It is the difference between a fetus and a newborn. It is the breath, the first cry for love and attention and warmth and comfort and nourishment of all kinds that is the difference between the happiest or the saddest day in a parent’s life. For the first few weeks all we do is watch our little ones breathe, check to see if their bodies rise and fall to the rhythm of Life, worry about all the millions of ways they could possibly stop breathing, and do everything in our power to make sure none of those things happen.

It is the breath that is the difference between sleeping with your loved one…

 and sleeping with a corpse.

It is the breath that involuntarily fuels the flame of our spirits, that connects our minds and our bodies and literally moves the blood through our veins. It is the breath that regulates the heart and the things of the heart; our thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, ambitions, doubts, solutions, and facilitates the very ability to conjure up a meaning for any of these things.

If the breath is our LIFEFORCE and we breathe roughly 20,000 precious respirations a day – how much more can one do for one’s self when one takes a few deep and meaningful breaths throughout the day?

In a previous post on Psychic Powers I briefly got into the connection between the mind, life, and the breath, but let us explore that concept further here:

In Sanskrit, Greek and Latin we find the definition of Breath is the Vital Force, the Psyche, the Spirit, the Wind and the Air. In the Bible it states that God spoke the heavens and earth and the mountains and the sea into existence and Genesis 2:7 says, that God “breathed the breath of Life” into Adam to create the first human creature….

The French word for the “mind” is l’esprit which looks a lot like the words spirit and respirate….

The words inspire and expire have two definitions – one dealing with New Ideas, Beginnings, Creation and one dealing with The Conclusion of an Idea, Endings, Death – the other definitions are the inhale and exhale of the breath, respectively.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the most fundamental to our existence is AIR.

The breath connects us to the present moment. It cools our anger and allows us to make a better decision. It helps us focus on the task at hand. It delivers us to our inside self when we seek an answer not easily found.

As if a perfect reflection of our existence, the breath resembles the ebb and flow of the tide, the phasing of the moon, the daily and bi-annual journey of the sun across our sky and horizon…

The breath, by its very nature, is the answer to all things.


Here are two Breath Exercises for you to try:

For Balance – using your right thumb to close your right nostril and your right ring finger to close your left nostril, begin by closing your left nostril and slowly inhaling through your right. Stop at the top of the inhale for a moment, release left nostril while closing right nostril, exhale through left nostril. Now inhale through the left nostril, stop at the top of the inhale, release and exhale through the right nostril for one cycle. Repeat 9 more cycles and reap the benefits of balance!

For Sleep –  using your right thumb to close your right nostril and your right ring finger to close your left nostril, begin by closing your left nostril and slowly inhaling and slowly exhaling through only your right nostril. Do this ten times total and notice how your thoughts change. Now switch nostrils. Slowly inhale and slowly exhale through your left nostril while holding your right nostril closed. If you can get through 5 cycles of this without falling asleep, call me!

Power Animals / Animal Totems

Recently i asked the Universe for a personal practice

and inclined myself to the desire to learn more about

Animal Totems or Power Animals and my Ancestors.

What followed were a series of events that allowed me

to explore all these things.

I began to look up all my animal sightings throughout

the day…and as i encountered animals i began to connect

with each animal; to engage them, to harmonize with

their being. Butterflies, lizards, birds, dogs, cats, dead animals

on the side of the road. And the more i searched, harmonized

and studied, the more sightings and messages i began to receive.

Here are a few of my favorite sites for animal totems and

their meanings:

Shamanic Journey

What’s Your Sign

Star Stuffs

I spent a few weeks visiting the “folks back home” which gave

me a heavy dose of ancestor study. Driving those familiar roads

i kept seeing dead raccoons on the side, so i asked for a live encounter.

Within 48 hours i was waiting for a ride outside, late at night, when

a big raccoon visited the nearby dumpster. I sat with him for a while,

watched his methods, his grace and strength…I watched until he

waddled off and laughed with gratitude for the live encounter.

Being in a different region allowed me to explore other animals;

cardinals instead of lizards, locusts instead of monarchs, fearless

dragonflies, birds of prey and a stray dog from out of nowhere,

who sat in front of me in a very intense moment of transition.

Upon returning home to LA, i took a little trip down to my beach to

reconnect and perform a ritual asking my ancestors to join me

in my current location. I waded into the water and just as the

wave pulled out, the sand particles settled, and the water cleared,

i saw three stingrays moving along the sea floor.

Open your heart to animal totems and allow the spirits of our

animal brothers and sisters help you and guide you on your

path. This is a great meditation exercise for discovering your power animal:

Denise Linn takes 8 minutes to help you here.

and here’s a fun little quiz you can take to find your power animal:

Pop Quiz! Find your Power Animal!

You can use your power animal to tap into the oneness

of the Universe. It’s not magic. It’s using focus and

knowledge to increase your power in the present moment.

The themes are similar; adaptation, transformation, the connection

between the sleeping and waking dreams….it is the finer points of each

animal spirit that helps us learn and grow and follow our paths with

help and faith and courage. it’s what makes a kitty cat a kitty cat and

a stingray a stingray. and it’s those par-tic-ular differences that make up

all the beautiful diversity of all the things in the Universe 🙂 kind of a

happy little spiral of logic, but shit….it’s all about the journey and the

present moment anyway, right? so enjoy each butterfly, each lizard,

each bear, spider, squirrel, fly, mosquito, puppy dog, and kitty cat.

give thanks to the animal spirits that sacrificed their existence to

nourish your body. honor their energy by being kind to yourself

and others. feel free to comment on your animal experiences!

love, light and all good things